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We look forward to discussing your business’ commercial auto insurance needs and helping you find a policy that complements your Florida company’s situation.

Auto Insurance

At Wise Insurance Agency, LLC, we offer the commercial auto insurance coverage you need to keep your company moving forward. Whether you use your own personal vehicle or a fleet of pickup trucks to get the job done, we make sure that your business will not be severely harmed financially or legally if an accident occurs.

When you turn to us, we will help you determine what coverage limits and deductible amounts best fit your business’ situation and provide you with several commercial auto insurance quotes. Since 1952, our main goal has been to provide businesses with the coverage they need, while also saving them time and money.


Your business' auto insurance policy may cover similar things that are also included in your personal auto policy. For example, the auto insurance policy we help you select may include:


  • Personal injury & medial payments coverage
  • Bodily injury liability coverage
  • Uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage
  • Property damage liability coverage
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Collision coverage

The main difference is that your policy will be tailored to your business’ specific needs. For example, if you have several trucks that you use to make deliveries to your clients in Florida, you may want your policy to include comprehensive coverage, personal injury coverage, and property damage liability coverage.

At Wise Insurance Agency, LLC, we look forward to meeting with you, discussing your business' commercial auto insurance needs, and helping you find a policy that complements your company’s situation. Contact us today for a free commercial quote on auto insurance.

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