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Badcock and More

"I have been a Client of Wise Insurance for five years. A lot of companies talk how important you are and great their customer service is. But in a lot of cases it's just talk,but with Wise Insurance they really care and they will prove it."

Justin Rodgers - AZAP Air

"We here at AZAP Air Conditioning believe that customer service, and loyalty are very important. This is one of the main contributing factors, as to why we have chosen Wise Insurance Agency for ALL of our insurance needs. They have the capabilities of a large firm, but the customer service, loyalty, and commitment to their clients, as if, you’re their number 1. That’s why we stick with the girls at Wise Insurance Agency!"

Nettie Hill

“Wise Insurance has really helped our family with all of our personal and business insurance needs.  I was totally surprised to get a phone call from our agent one afternoon with exciting news about how we can lower our insurance rates and keep the same amount of coverage!  Thank you!!”

Greater Bartow Chamber of Commerce

"The Bartow Chamber of Commerce has had a great relationship with Wise Insurance. They’ve been very responsive to our needs concerning employee health insurance with prompt, courteous service. They always go above and beyond to make sure we’re getting the best product at the best price. If we need something, we pick up the phone, and Jamie is there for us – excellent!"

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