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"I volunteer as a Treasurer at a local church and have a full time job. Recently our insurance premiums increased tremendously and we had 2days to find a good policy that was less expensive with another company.  I had absolutely no time to call around to a bunch of companies.  One of my friends gave me the name of her insurance company that she uses for her Daycare.  I called and left a messagewith Quin Wednesday night and Thursday morning she called me at 8:00. Quin called me multiple times throughout the day to let me know what was going on with the process.  By the end of Thursday she had found a policy that was not only less expensive but also had a significant increase to the coverage provided.  Quin did an awesome job at making the church and church members were protected with needed coverage, while keeping it budget friendly. Friday morning the policy was signed and everything was complete. I never had to do anything more than call to request the quote and answer some questions, they did the rest.  It was GREAT!! The employees are always so friendly, I love talking with them all. I was very pleased with the efficiency and promptness given. I now refer everyone I meet to Wise Insurance."

Christian Home Freewill Baptist Church

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